Terms & Conditions

1. Occupational Rights

2. Limitation Of Access And Regulations

The Company reserves the right to make regulations concerning the opening hours, management and security of the Complex, and the Customer agrees to comply with all such regulations. The Customer's right of access to the Unit shall be limited to the times allowed by the regulations.

3. Charges

a) Licence Fee

The Customer shall pay the Licence Fee on the Commencement Date and monthly thereafter until the Licence is determined in accordance with Clause 6.

b) Overdue Licence Fee

If the Company does not receive the Licence Fee on the due date the Company shall be entitled to charge interest at the rate of 3% above the Base Rate of Lloyds TSB Bank PLC until paid.

c) Deposit

The Customer shall on signing hereof pay the Deposit. The Deposit less the cost of making good any unmet obligation of the Customer pursuant to these Terms will be refunded to the Customer by the Company within 14 days of termination of the Licence.

d) Licence Fee Increase

The Company may upon giving not less than 28 days' prior written notice increase the Licence Fee by such an amount as the Company in its absolute discretion shall decide provided that the Customer shall be entitled to terminate the Licence without any additional liability if it considers such increase excessive or unreasonable.

e) VAT

All sums payable shall be exclusive of any applicable VAT which shall be additionally payable.

4. Contents Of The Unit And Use Of The Complex

5. Non-payment Of The Licence Fee

6. Termination

7. Action After Termination

8. Limitation Of The Company's Liability And Insurance

9. Security Of The Unit

Notwithstanding any policy of insurance effected by the Customer, the Customer shall at all times:-

10. Location Of Unit

The Company reserves the right at any time by giving not less than seven days' written notice to require the Customer to transfer the Goods from its present Unit to another designated Unit within the Complex. The alternative Unit shall be of a comparable size to the present Unit. In the event that the Customer does not arrange the transfer of the Goods to the alternative Unit within the notice period the Company will arrange for the Goods to be moved to the alternative Unit, without incurring any liability for loss or damage arising from such removal.

11. Company's Right Of Access

The Company reserves the right of access to the Unit at all times and for all purposes, but without prejudice to the generality thereof to inspect the Unit, to ensure compliance and observance by the Customer with these Terms and for carrying out repairs, maintenance and alterations to the Unit and the Complex.

12. General

13. Non Assignment

The Licence is personal to the Customer and the benefit thereof may not be transferred nor may the Customer sub-licence or part with or share possession of the whole or any part of the Unit.

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